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Dental Restorations

Dr. LLoyd Zelazny Can Restore Your Smile in Glen Allen, VA

Dental health and beauty often go hand in hand. When teeth are healthy, your smile can shine its brightest. Zelazny Family Dentistry helps patients in Glen Allen, VA, restore dentition and enhance the aesthetics of their smile by providing reliable dental restorations.

Improving Dental Health in Henrico County

It is important to maintain good dental health to encourage overall wellness throughout the body. Dental issues such as cavities, advanced decay, and missing or damaged teeth can lead to even greater complications if gone untreated, such as greater susceptibility to systematic issues like heart disease and diabetes. Our practice works diligently to provide solutions to your dental problems and bolster your dental health.

Restorative Services Offered at Zelazny Family Dentistry include:

Crowns protect damaged teething using a porcelain cap which looks and feel like a natural tooth. These restorations cover a damaged tooth and protects it against further damage and decay.

Bridges utilize a small prosthesis to replace a missing tooth up to a short row. These restorations utilize neighboring healthy teeth to anchor the prosthesis. This procedure requires the dentist to prepare teeth which are required to anchor the prosthesis.

Partial and Full Dentures are the traditional way to replace missing teeth. Advancements in modern technology has developed the appearance and quality of these restorations, improving its look and sheen to imitate natural teeth and gums. Dental implants provide complete aesthetic restoration and minor functional restorations.

Dental Implants provide the most comprehensive solution to missing teeth. While many restorations replace the visible area of the tooth, the portion used for chewing, dental implants address the root of the issue, literally. Dental implants replace the entire tooth, from the root to its crown, and provides restorations with a stable anchoring system to improve stability and increase comfort.

Providing Services Patients Need

All the restorations we produce are amalgam free. Patients with sensitivities to metals can receive durable, long-lasting dental restorations to improve their dentition. Furthermore, amalgam-free restorations also improve the aesthetics of teeth, giving patients a strong, beautiful smile.

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